Apr 23 2020

Selena pop star

<a title="Selena" href="">Selena</a> pop <a title="star" href="">star</a>-<a title="Selena" href="">Selena</a> pop <a title="star" href="">star</a>
The evolution of the star's style over the years, from teen to adult.

Selena pop star

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    Selena Gomez: from Disney to now – Selena Gomez has been in the public eye for a few years now. The young actress gained notoriety ever since the ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ debuted on the Disney Channel. Her journey in acting and music have continued to this day and she is now one of the greatest names in contemporary pop culture.

    On both the red carpet and on her daily life, Selena is always on top of new trends, but she has not always made the best choices.

    Check out the singer’s style over the years!

    2007 – At age 15, Selena was one of Disney’s poster girls and her style was appropriate for her age.

    2007 – Here Gomez looks a bit more ‘produced’ but she’s still wearing a youthful outfit.

    2008 – At age 16, the young actress and singer started to dress a bit more maturely.

    2008 – Here’s another example of how Gomez started to adopt a a more mature look.

    2009 – The actress in a more casual style. Though the blouse was not her best choice.

    2009 – She looks great here. A simple outfit with a young, casual twist.

    2010 – Although she was going for an unpretentious look, she could have spent a bit more time choosing her outfit.

    2010 – However, in the same year she managed to redeem herself and show a more adult, professional, and very stylish version of herself.

    2010 – The singer literally shone at the 2010 MTV Music Awards with a classy slit dress.

    2011 – The singer continued on hew wave of good taste with this exquisite number.

    2011 – Nothing wrong with a casual outfit, but why the pink shoes?

    2012 – After the beautiful pieces she wore in 2011 we expected her to continue in the same style in 2012, but that didn’t happen.

    2012 – The singer in a very Disneyesque pink dress.

    2012 – Luckily, she managed to surprise everyone with this elegant dress. All eyes were on her.

    2013 – Simple is the word of choice here. You can’t go wrong with a white top and black pants. Timeless.

    2013 – Gomez was one of the highlights at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. She owned the night, not only for the prize, but also for how stunning she looked!

    2014 – Selena Gomez in a smart red outfit. She can definitely pull off this look.

    2014 – Still in 2014, the singer rocked an event in this elegant dress.

    2014 – The singer continued the year in style with modern dresses that fit her figure very well.

    2015 – Selena continued to wear long dresses and modern cuts. Thumbs up for this white one!

    2015 – Here she opted for an original outfit. Gomez does look great in monochrome tones, we must say.

    2015 – If you thought the last outfit was innovative, take a look at this one. A bold choice, indeed.

    2016 – This yellow raincoat may be a bit flashy but Selena knows how the simple clothes underneath complement the style perfectly.

    2016 – If there is something that Selena has been doing very well in recent years it’s choosing colors that suit her well. Black is one of them.

    2016 – Though she can also pull off warmer tones like oranges and reds. The cut of this outfit is also very interesting.

    2017 – A classic hairstyle and a turtleneck dress. Classy!

    2017 – In 2017 Gomez experimented with her hair and dyed it blonde. Everyone loved it but the new look didn’t last long.

    2018 – Over time, Selena Gomez has also worn more daring numbers, but always with a classy touch.

    2018 – What do you think of this 90s-inspired look?


    Selena pop star


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